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How To Scale A Coaching Business Beyond $10k Months

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

How To Scale A Coaching Business Beyond $10k Months

Achieving $10,000 months is a HUGE milestone, but when many of us get there, we often find it difficult to push beyond that point. Sometimes the business may be generating five figures but our mental health feels like it’s holding on by a thread. Other times, we may be generating $10k/month but any additional work requires additional human resources (aka contractors or more hours from employees). So, how do you scale a coaching business beyond $10k in a way that allows you to make more passive income and feels aligned with your dream life? Let me show you.

Affiliate Disclosure: some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase after clicking one of these links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only ever promote tools & products I love and genuinely recommend!

What Is Considered a “Coaching” Business?

“Coaching” is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the online business world and it can be difficult to know if your business fits under the standard “coaching model”. As far as I’m concerned, if you run a service-based business in which you are sharing your experience, expertise, education, etc. to support clients, then this article can help you to scale your coaching business. I work with all types of coaches and healers from health coaches, to life coaches, to financial wellness coaches, to healing practitioners. So whether you currently work 1:1 with clients or you’ve already started to offer more passive products, scaling your business beyond where it’s at right now IS possible, and I can show you how.

What Makes a Business “Scalable”?

So, what actually makes a business scalable? The easiest way to define a scalable business is, according to Under 30 CEO, “a company that has the potential and flexibility to meet increased demand and multiply revenue with minimal and predictable incremental cost.” In simple terms, a scalable business allows you to continue selling without needing to drastically increase your resources to fulfill the demand.

This means that if you’re currently hovering around $10,000/month in revenue in your business, and you feel that increasing your project load by one, two, or five new projects may make your entire business (and mental health) collapse, your current model isn’t scalable. And that’s not to say you’ve done anything wrong, trust me, I’ve been there, but I’m here to tell you that there are MUCH easier ways to offer your services in an infinite way that doesn’t require you to directly trade your hours for dollars.

How To Scale Your Coaching Business

Now let’s get to the good stuff - here are my most important tips to scale a coaching business beyond $10,000/month.

Check Your Mindset

You’re probably thinking “Marley, you ALWAYS start with mindset”, but YES! It’s that important. Before starting or scaling a business, we always want to ensure the changes we are making are aligned with our energy and soul purpose, and also that our minds aren’t blocking us with any limiting beliefs. Stepping into more abundance means believing we deserve it, and we definitely don’t have any room for limiting money or success beliefs in this space.

We also want to make sure that you’re crystal clear on your purpose and work style. As a holistic business coach, I personally love taking a “spiritual business coaching” approach to this which includes creating a morning routine that leaves you feeling confident & refreshed, and uncovering your human design to determine the best way to work in a way that feels fulfilling rather than draining.

Create A Scalable, Irresistible Offer

This one might sound overly simplistic, but it’s truly one of the most important steps to scaling. In fact, I could end the article here - your offer needs to be designed to scale if you’re planning to scale it. So what does that mean? As mentioned above, it means that when the money starts rolling in, your output doesn’t increase exponentially.

Let’s break this down. If you’re currently working 1:1 with clients, and you charge $100 an hour, your income is more or less capped by the amount of time that you have to work directly with clients. In some cases, you may choose to hire associates or contractors to support your client load, but if that’s not what you see for your business, that’s okay too. My favourite type of scalable offers are passive products. Whether it’s a membership, digital products, courses, etc., passive offers allow you to reach more people, make a bigger impact, and make more money without needing to directly increase your hours spent working with clients.

Plan a Launch Strategy

Once you’ve chosen and created your scalable, irresistible offer it’s time to plan your launch strategy. This is a really important step because we want to make sure we’re getting in front of our audience, connecting with them, and positioning our offer in a way that feels like an absolute “hell yes”. There are several different strategies for launching your new offer, but my favourite way is to create a juicy funnel.

This, at a very high level, looks like:

  • Creating a lead magnet (aka a “freebie” that people get in exchange for their email list)

  • Creating an email campaign specifically for the course launch

  • Planning and executing a live webinar that ends with introducing the new offer

  • Sending webinar participants to a sales page designed for the new offer

Plan Your Marketing Mix / Content Strategy

Now that your offer has been created, and the launch strategy planned and scheduled, it’s time to consider your marketing mix. Many people confuse the launch strategy and marketing strategy or use them interchangeably. While they are closely related, they are actually two different things. However, our content strategy and marketing mix are how we’re going to encourage people to move through the funnel we built during our launch strategy.

My FAVOURITE types of marketing for coaches are social media, email marketing, podcasting, and blogging. Our marketing strategy will include content surrounding our launch, however, it’s also the core way we will continue to build our audience and nurture relationships with our existing audience to pave the way for more successful launches down the road.

Identify Blind spots & Bottlenecks

Now that we have our new business model created and in motion, we want to ensure it is running like a WELL OILED MACHINE. So how can we do that? It’s time to go through our business operations with a fine-toothed comb.

We want to uncover if and where our operations are becoming bottlenecked or if important tasks are falling by the wayside. Do your clients require more support in particular areas than you can give? Are you being weighed down by discovery calls or is your admin taking up way too much time? Uncovering areas that need support can provide us with the opportunity to overcome these challenges through automation, outsourcing, or shifting priorities.

Identify All Automation & Outsource Opportunities

When you run a business, your time is the most valuable resource. When you scale a coaching business it’s incredibly important to ensure your time is being used to the best of your ability. This means your time needs to be spent doing things that 1- are in your zone of genius and 2- light you up and make you feel aligned. After we identify our blind spots and bottlenecks (as we did in the previous tip), it’s a lot easier to determine what we need to outsource or automate.

Some examples of this include:

  • Hiring a blog or email copywriter

  • Hiring a VA to support with social media and admin

  • Setting up a CRM system like 17Hats (psst- if you want 50% off use my code For 50% off use my code “xpphrrhsfk”)

  • Using a course builder like Kajabi to support automation all through your journey

Expand Outreach & Lead Generation

Now after we’ve built our offer, planned our launch & marketing strategies, and cleaned up our business operations, it’s time to grow even further. When I told you the opportunities with scalable business models are infinite I. Was. Not. Joking. The most amazing part about this is that there truly is no ceiling. You decide where to take this and how far you want to go.

The last step (before we more or less rinse and repeat our process), is to expand your outreach and lead generation. This involves returning to our marketing mix and looking for more opportunities to increase our reach. Some of my favourite ways include connecting with like-minded & complementary businesses for guest podcasting or affiliate opportunities, adding a paid advertising strategy, and speaking at live (or digital) events.

Ready To Scale Your Coaching Business? Join 7-Figure Club

Are you ready to start your day feeling excited rather than overwhelmed? To wake up to payments flowing in overnight or while you were out with friends? This isn’t a pipe dream, it’s a potential reality for you if you choose to put in the work doing the right things. If you’re currently hovering around the $10,000/month mark and you’re ready to take it to the next level, in a way that feels aligned & refreshing, 7-Figure Club is where you want to be. Read all the details now!

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