The 7 Figure Club

We are SO excited to share with you our newest service, the 7 Figure Club.

The 7 Figure Club is a 16-week ‘work with you’ program designed for high-achieving coaches and healers who are capped at $10k/month but desire $50k+ months in their business. 


For those who have the basic foundations of their online business set up, but are eager to break-through their upper limit and don’t know how, the 7 Figure Club helps take you to that next level. 


The Marley Rose team will dive right in and work closely with you on your business over 16 weeks to assist you in revamping offers and systems to ensure you are equipped and ready to SCALE to the *Oh-my-god I just hit a million dollars* level.


If you feel like you’ve given your biz everything you can, and don’t know where to go from here - then you’re exactly where you need to be. 


The 7 Figure Club features a 4 phase approach that brings the Marley Rose team DEEP into your world to: 


  • Help you regain clarity of your vision and reestablish the foundations of your business

  • Build out new systems, processes and offers with a fresh perspective

  • Fill every aspect of your new and improved online biz with value

  • *Most importantly* show you how to integrate the tools needed to FINALLY scale your business to the level you desire


This program will not only teach you how to get to the next level, but will actually allow you to integrate these tools into your business within the 16-week program. And our highly-dedicated team will be there with you every step of the way. 


If your business is craving a transformation - the 7 Figure Club may just be THE thing that changes the game for you.