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Hi! I’m Marley

Your Mindset & Business Coach

I'm a capricorn, manifesting generator here to inspire you and show you the way to make all your big goals become your reality


How it began

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2018, when I was at a major crossroad. The decision I faced was deciding to either accept an entry-level corporate job offer making $50K/year in London, Ontario, or take a leap of faith and go all in on my then side hustle, Rose Designs, a branding and website design company.

After going back and forth on this decision over and over again, I chose to go all in on myself. And spoiler alert, I have never looked back.


My first online business, Rose Designs, scaled quickly to multiple six figures. Within two years, I was making more money monthly than the corporate salary I had been offered. The business was running smoothly with an incredible team of five and 30+ health and wellness clients at all times. 

However, despite the success and praise my company received, I felt deeply burnt out and was still trading my time for money. Three years into my first business journey, I couldn't shake the deep knowing that I was not quite pursuing my true passion and purpose. 

2021 was when it all changed. Despite everyone's opinions and advice, I listened to my gut instinct and dissolved Rose Designs. 

How it's going

Ultimately, I understand that my purpose on this planet is to help female entrepreneurs build thriving, passion-driven online businesses, so they can live a life of time, location and freedom. And that's where my holistic business coaching comes in. I leverage my expertise in both business and mindset strategies to enable coaches and healers to step into their next level. 

This was the second time I chose to go all in on myself, and nothing brings me more joy or fulfillment than inspiring and helping others do, have and be anything they desire. I believe that all women deserve to live an abundant and free life influenced by their deepest desires, and I am deeply grateful that my work allows me to guide these women on the most incredible journey. Through this work, I can now honestly say that I am living my purpose. 

In the past year as a holistic business coach, I have helped 100+ females on their journey, and this is only the beginning. 

If you are feeling called to live a life of time, location and financial freedom, you are in the right place. If it happened for me, it can happen for you, and I'm so excited for the opportunity to guide you on this journey.

If my story resonated in any way with you, please feel free to reach out. I would absolutely love to connect! If you want to learn more about my spiritual business coaching approach, check out the blog!

Holistic business coach

Our Core Values

That we never compromise on.

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In order to calibrate to the next level, you must first believe that it is possible. As a holistic business coach, Marley Rose acts as an inspiration and expander for her audience by showing them what is possible by tapping into what feels good and in alignment.

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Growth Mindset

There is no limit to what any of  us can achieve. Within the Marley Rose team and through all client work, it's essential that we adopt a growth mindset and a willingness to learn, as it is through this that we can continue to exceed our upper limits. 

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In order to manifest our truest desires, we must commit to our goals and take  action.  Without action, our big goals are simply big dreams. At the core of Marley Rose's work lie dedication and commitment, which are essential to actualizing our dream realities.

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The journey to living a life of time, location and financial freedom can often feel isolating. Marley Rose  fosters a strong community of high-vibe individuals and entrepreneurs to ensure these women feel supported and connected as they grow and expand to the next level.


Business coaching with Marley has been the absolute BEST INVESTMENT I’ve ever done for my business! Marley’s coaching is not like any other coaching program out there. She goes above and beyond to help your business succeed and will give you every single tool you need! Marley has helped me tremendously with business strategies that have helped me grow my business but the greatest impact has been on my mindset! I had dreamed about making $10K a month for years and with Marley I was able to reach that within our first 2 months together!!!!  She has truly helped me change my financial reality! Now I’m not afraid to think big, I’m not afraid to hire more team members, I am not afraid to show up as myself and embrace every single part of me. Now, I truly believe the sky is the limit for me (and anyone!) Marley, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for every single call, every single voice message, every single question answered, for being the best cheerleader and guiding me through this outstanding journey of creating my dream life!


- Daniela Cervantes, @wandersoulscreative

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How To Work With Marley

Looking to build or grow your online business so you can achieve time, location and financial freedom, while also making an impact?

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For Coaches and Healers

3 Tips to Hit $10k
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Without spending more time, money, or building sales funnels 

This book will teach you the 3 tips my clients and I have used to hit $10K/month in our online businesses, allowing us to live a life of time, location and financial freedom. 

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