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My Daily Rituals: Balancing Work, Wellness, and Well-Being

Welcome to the world of my daily rituals! In this episode, I'm thrilled to share with you the intricate details of how I structure my mornings, navigate workdays, and wind down in the evenings. These routines are my compass, providing structure and intentionality to each day.

Morning Bliss: A Ritual to Set the Tone

Every morning, I rise with the sun, guided by the soft chime of an alarm on my iPad. This simple shift from using my phone to my iPad has transformed my mornings. It keeps me from being enticed by notifications and allows me to dive straight into my ritual.

Embracing Affirmations

Before even getting out of bed, I'm greeted by the affirmation "I'm a multimillionaire," a powerful reminder that sets a positive tone for the day. It's a small but impactful way to affirm my financial goals right from the get-go.

Harnessing the Power of Subconsciousness

Early mornings are when our subconscious minds are most open and susceptible to influence. This is my prime time for manifesting. I visualize my desires as if they are already real, and speak them into existence.

Gratitude, Thanks, and Affirmation

Next, my journal beckons. For five years, I've faithfully engaged in the same journaling prompts: five things I'm grateful for, five thank you statements for things I've yet to manifest, five affirmations, and one flexible reflection or ask.

New Ritual: Self-Acknowledgement and Pride

Recently, I've incorporated a powerful new practice. I make it a point to acknowledge myself for five achievements unrelated to money or appearance, fostering a deeper sense of self-appreciation. Similarly, I list five things I'm proud of, a ritual that's been transformative in building self-confidence.

The Goddess Lakshmi Chant

Simultaneously, I channel the energy of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, chanting her name 108 times daily. This practice has played a pivotal role in my journey, leading to remarkable shifts in my financial reality.

Body Care and Energy Alignment

While chanting, I engage in Gua Sha and ice rolling, aligning body care with my energy rituals. It's a holistic practice that marries physical wellness with energy work.

Morning Movement and Reflection

Afterwards, I move my body. My activities range from tennis to hot yoga, always attuned to how my body feels and what it needs.

Workday Wonders: Balancing Productivity and Passion

My workday is organized with meticulous attention, balancing tasks that drive my business forward and activities that align with my energy levels.

The Power of Google Tasks

The night before, I plan my next day meticulously using Google Tasks, my trusty companion for recording ideas, to-dos, and reminders. It keeps me grounded and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Dedicated Days for Productivity

I've adopted a practice of dedicating specific days to particular tasks. Mondays are dedicated to content creation for courses, Tuesdays to content creation for social media, and Wednesdays and Thursdays for client calls and strategic business development.

Evening Reflections and Planning

Evenings are dedicated to reflection and planning for the next day. This practice allows me to wrap up the day feeling accomplished and ready for the next.

Evening Tranquility: A Time for Rejuvenation

Though my evening routine requires some nurturing, I cherish the moments of tranquility before bedtime.

The Evening Unwind

If I'm alone, I often find myself engrossed in work, fueled by the satisfaction it brings. However, I consciously balance this with calming rituals.

Evening Skincare Ritual

A warm shower, followed by an evening skincare routine, sets the stage for a peaceful night's rest. It's a tangible way to ground myself and prepare for the rejuvenation of sleep.

Gratitude as a Prelude to Rest

Before I lay down, I list five things I'm grateful for from the day. This practice primes my mind for rest, cultivating a grateful heart.


My daily rituals serve as a compass, guiding me through each day with intentionality. From the invigorating start to the productive workday and tranquil evenings, they are the cornerstone of my life. Remember, these rituals are a reflection of my own journey and priorities. Tailor your own routines to what resonates with you, and watch how they shape your days in extraordinary ways.

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