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Mastering Inspired Action: How I Manifested $42,000 in 72 Hours

Hey there, beautiful souls! Welcome back to another empowering episode of the Money, Mindset, and Manifestation podcast. I'm absolutely thrilled to have you here, and let me tell you, this episode is one I've been eagerly waiting to share. Last week, I gave you a sneak peek into a jaw-dropping manifestation that's been unfolding in my life. Today, I'm dishing out the details on how I manifested a staggering $42,000 in just 72 hours. And the crazy part? The universe decided to sprinkle a little extra magic by aligning it with my angel number, 42.

The Power of Inspired Action

The heart of this episode revolves around the concept of "Inspired Action." It's that electrifying moment when you leap into action fueled by genuine inspiration, rather than merely checking off a to-do list. Inspired action is the beacon of our inner wisdom, a gut feeling that screams, "This is it!" On the flip side, there's "Logical Action" driven by a sense of duty or obligation. The key takeaway here? Always lean towards inspiration.

Letting Go of "Should"

I'm about to unveil how this transformative lesson played out in my recent journey. There was a part of my business that had started feeling, well, "sticky." Resentment was brewing, and the passion was dwindling. Normally, I'm the go-getter who gets things done, but this time, I kept pushing it to the bottom of the pile. Lesson learned: If it's not a resounding "Hell Yes," it's a "Hell No." Say goodbye to forcing things and invite pleasure in.

Trusting Divine Timing

Enter a pivotal moment—a call with my mentor, Dr. Taggy. Her wisdom cracked open a whole new perspective: it's not about carrying people up the mountain, but guiding them up. This shift in mindset was revolutionary. Suddenly, I had the clarity to see how I could impact millions. This epiphany was the catalyst for a series of quantum leaps in my life.

The Vespa Epiphany: Learning to Wait for a Hell Yes

Embarking on a Vespa adventure, I learned the importance of waiting for that undeniable "Hell Yes." Initially, I toyed with the idea of getting a car. But deep down, it just didn't feel right. Eventually, through divine timing and some serendipitous encounters, the universe led me to my dream Vespa. Customization became the key, and suddenly, everything fell perfectly into place.

Saying "No" to Almost Perfect

The magic of saying "no" to something that's good but not great cannot be overstated. By holding out for that perfect "Hell Yes," I've witnessed unimaginable shifts in my life. Whether it's business partnerships, investments, or personal choices, embracing the energy of desire over duty has been my North Star.

Living from a Place of Inspired Action

My dear angels, I implore you to approach every aspect of your life with an energy of "Hell Yes." Let desire, pleasure, and inspired action be your compass. Trust in the universe's divine timing and remember, the sweetest fruit is the one you waited for. Embrace this lesson, and watch how your world transforms.

I am truly humbled to share these life-altering revelations with you. If this episode resonates with you, please consider leaving a review, subscribing, and sharing it with someone who might find value in these insights. Your support means the world to me, and I can't wait to hear about your takeaways. Until next time, my loves! Mwah! Listen to the full episode here

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