The VIP Experience

a full day to realign, refocus and raise your vibration

Think of this day like an energetic chiropractor appointment to unblock you, condense time and quantum leap to success


The Experience

Establish goals and direction to create your dream life

Create business action steps to achieve goals ($10k months, marketing strategies, consistent clients, etc)

Use subconscious reprogramming techniques such as T.I.M.E technique ™,  Anchoring and Hypnosis to remove any limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

Discover and align with your purpose 

Discover and clear any blocks you have to money 

Learn how to feel and become the best version of yourself 


The Schedule

9 to 10: High Vibe Breakfast 
Establish goals , deep dive into business and money mindset and establish the priorities for the day (Valued at $250)
* Breakfast included 

10 to 12: Business Breakthrough 
Deep dive on business, find blind spots and create action plan for growth and scalability. (Planning launches, social strategy, marketing, sales strategy, I meet you where you're at and where you need support)  (Valued over $700)

12 to 1: Lunch 
Relax sit back and enjoy your nourishing meal (Valued at $100)
* Lunch Included

1 to 3: Money Mindset 
In this section we will uncover any limiting beliefs that are blocking you from abundance. We will release fear, anger, sadness and any other beliefs, anchor in abundance and end with a custom hypnosis. (Valued at $600)

3 to 5: Integration Work + 45 min Break 
During this time we will dive deep on any topic you'd like. I leave this as free time to meet you where you're at and serve you where ever you're needing deeper support . (Valued at $400)

5 to 6: Self Care
To end the day I will treat you a luxe self session for you to decompress, and absorb all the positive energy we've created throughout the day! This will be custom to your favourite time of self care but some examples include: Hot and Cold sessions, Massages, Facials, Workout Class, etc. (Valued at $400)

= Total Value $2450


VIP Day Includes

Full Day of 1:1 Coaching

Complete with action plan and recordings of  the coaching sessions

Meals, Snacks + Beverages

We will be fuelled with yummy and nourished food throughout the entire day! *will accom for all dietary restrictions 

7 Days of Voice Note Support

After our VIP day you will get access to 7 days of voice note support with me to ask any questions of clarify any strategies 


Locations Served

Toronto・Collingwood ・ Online ・ Bali (coming soon)

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The Investment

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
2x $797

* I only take on a limited number of VIP clients and open spots to those who are serious about growth.